Plan 70


Bedroom: 2
Bathroom: 1
Total Floor Area: 70㎡
Building Footprint: 4m x 9m


This is Japan Homes’ affordable standard terrace house design suitable for first home buyers.

Each dwelling unit is relatively small in size but your comfortable living is ensured.

The living, dining and kitchen are in continuous open space connecting the rear and front yard. By opening the large ranch slider you can use the rear garden as a part of the living also the front garden can be a part of the dinning space. The view from the front to back yard (and vice versa) through these spaces is not blocked so you feel it is quite open.

The cabinets on one side of the ground floor provide enough storage for your family. Also each upstairs room has its own store space including the large wardrobe in BED 1.

The simple yet stylish exterior design ensures a low cost construction.

This is affordable terrace house designed for small families and couples who need a comfortable and functional home.