Plan 90


Bedroom: 2-3
Bathroom: 1
Toilet: 1
Total Floor Area: 90㎡
Building Footprint: 9m x 10m


This is an affordable double story residential building accommodating two dwelling units with each unit has around a 90m2 floor area, suitable for first home buyers.

Unlike those common semi-detached dwellings that each unit is simply separated by vertical wall between units, each unit of this building is separated horizontally by floor (unit 1 is on the ground floor and unit 2 is on the first floor). Now a family in each unit can occupy the whole floor and an internal staircase is not needed, which is often the case in those common semi-detached houses. Although, you need take stairs to go up to the first floor there is no staircase on the ground floor so it can save more space than those common semi-detached.

This building also can become terrace housing shown as the image by attaching the building to one another.

The first floor is accessed by the stairs at the end of the building. For both floors enough storage is provided by using the empty space below and above the staircase. The FUTURE BED is an open multi-purpose space that can be converted into a bed room when you kids grow up.

The Bath, toilet and laundry are grouped in one compact space and a covered clothesline area is located just outside the laundry for your easy housework.

The simple yet stylish exterior design ensures a low cost construction.