2 Sections Combined Into 1 Section For 7 Affordable Standalone New Homes

Existing Development Site

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Proposed Site Plan

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Proposed New Home Image

Proposed New Home Image

Proposed New Home Image

Proposed New Home Image

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Project Summary

1, Project Purpose: We have combined two independent sections into one single large section to build 7 affordable and comfortable new homes for first home buyers. Combining the two lands allows more new homes to build than developing each land separately. The south part of the site cannot be developed due to proximity to power lines.

2, Subdivision For Maximized Use Of Land: Each lot has been carefully subdivided to maximize the floor area for each house and the use of the whole land. Even we put a nicely-designed train-like house in the North narrow section (Lot 7) which has been created by combining two existing driveways.

3, Home Design To Save Construction Cost: There are 7 new dwellings but we only design 4 types of house plan (Type 1-4) to save future construction cost by standardizing building elements that allow quick construction. Furthermore, weatherboard and asphalt shingle cladding have been chosen for stylish look as well as for cost-saving and easy build work.

4, Comfortable Living: Despite limited space we put a single garage in every dwelling. Sunny open plan living, dining and kitchen with a flow to outdoor space support comfortable family living. All houses have an ensuite master bedroom.

Proposed New Home Plan

Type 1 (Lot 1, 3, 4 & 5) * Lot 1&4 are the flipped layout of Lot 3&5

Type 2 (Lot 6)

Type 3 (Lot 2)

Type 4 (Lot 7)