3 New Home Subdivision Work Has Begun!! 06/05/2018

Hi all, We are currently engaged in the subdivision build work for our 3 new home development in Northshore, which is described in both our AUP casestudy pages and JP Property website. We are aiming to complete all the site work including subdivision work, new title approval and the new home build by September 2018. […]

10 Unit Terrace Housing Project in Northshore 08/04/2018

Hi all, We have a terrace housing project in Northshore and are doing the architectural design to get Resource Consent at the moment. (日本語訳下にあります) Terrace House Plans Here are our proposed plans Site Plan Front Elevation Floor Plan Type 1 (Unit 2-8) 70m2 Floor Plan Type 2 (Unit 1) 70m2 Floor Plan Type 3 (Unit […]

Change In 2 New Home Subdivision Project 25/03/2018

We have a 2 lot subdivision project in Northshore that the owner wants to build their own new home in LOT 2 (290m2 floor area) and build another new home (190m2) for an investment purpose.

We have already had Resource Consent (RC) approved for this subdivision.
Now the situation is a bit different from when the owner planned previously.
They planned to stay in LOT2 house as a whole family but for some reason a few of the family members could not stay continuously in NZ so the house is now too big for a just two young family members to stay together.